Hi everyone !

February 18, 2016


First of all, thanks for visiting the Canolfan Dewi Sant Centre website, and for clicking on this link - my very first ever blog.   For those who don't know me, I am Theresa Curran - the short one with glasses on the left of the photo above, pictured with my lovely colleague Nik Williams, the Centre's Caretaker.  I am the Administrator of the Centre - I manage the Centre's bookings, liase with all the agencies and groups that use our facility, promote our Centre within the Community and beyond, run the Facebook and Twitter sites, send out invoices, deal with telephone enquiries ..... you get the picture.


I took up the position of Administrator at the beginning of July 2014, and Nik took over as Caretaker in July 2015.   Until my position was created, the Centre was run by a wonderful group of volunteers, who had all played a very important part in the creating of the Centre. These very special people still play a vital part in the running of the Centre, as they are on the Management Committee, and are always around to support myself and Nik.    


It is a very exciting time for us all at the Centre, we are coming up to the 5 Year Anniversary of its opening. There are lots of new intitiatives starting, so I thought now would be a great time to start writing down my musings in a blog.    


We want Canolfan Dewi Sant Centre to be the HUB of the community - somewhere that is a base for lots of groups and agencies which can provide support and advice to those needing it; somewhere that people can go to be signposted onto the relevant agencies that can help; somewhere that provides fitness groups; activities for children, teenagers, the less able bodied and senior members of our community. 


So....this is just an introduction as to who I am, and what the Centre is about .  I am looking forward to keeping this updated with my ramblings and to ensure that you don't miss out on any goings on ! 






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