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The History of St David's

St David's Church was built in 1880 by the Vicar of Abergele, the Revd David Evans who came to Abergele in 1877. St David's was built to cater to the needs of the English speaking residents and for visitors to the area.


This was to be a temporary building and 13 years later he suggested to the Parochial Church Council that a fund should be started in order to build a permanent church as he didn't think the temporary building would last much longer.


It was to last 130 years!


In 1976 it was decided to improve the interior of St David's. The instigator of this was the assistant curate, the Revd Philip Williams. In January he called a meeting of all the congregation and put forward his ideas, asking for volunteers to undertake the work, for gifts of money and for items for the Church.


By Easter all the work was complete. The woodwork in the sanctuary had been lightened by sanding and cleaning. The vestry was re-decorated and the pulpit, lectern, altar and prayer desk were renovated. A curtain was also hung at the back of the altar.


In just 3 months £600 had been realised in cash or gifts.

In 1982 a meeting was held and it was decided that St David's Church must be restored or left to collapse. Everyone started work to raise funds for the Restoration Fund Appeal. That was known as the year of the coffee mornings.


Work commenced in the last week in June and was completed by 16th September. This work involved the removal of the rusted corrugated sheeting and its replacement with steel cladding. There was a thanksgiving service in the presence of the Bishop of St Asaph.


St David's had a new lease of life.


In 2010 work began to replace the old "Tin Church" with a versatile and updated "Community Centre" with multiple purposes including a worship area for the original congregation of St David's.


By the beginning of 2011 the project was completed and the grand opening was 7th March 2011.


The complex includes a fully fitted catering level kitchen and bistro, a committee room, a large main hall and parking for 15 cars as well as aforementioned worship area.


This was only possible with the funding from Big Lottery and the Welsh Assembly

The Community Centre is now a modern spacious building which is able to host a multitude of activities.  We have modern conveniences such as large screen TV and sound system. We have easy access ramps to accommodate wheelchair users as well as a disabled shower room.


Our water is heated by state of the art solar collectors to make the building as efficient as possible while staying ecological.

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