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A man dressed as a banana in the morning, followed by gardening in the afternoon .......

Our Fifth Anniversary Celebrations are fast approaching....and the Centre is as busy as ever.

This morning saw the Abergele Fairtrade Breakfast taking place, and an awful lot of rainy weather. Never one to miss out on a lovely warm croissant or muffin, I made sure I arrived just after 8.30am . I was the first one to walk through the doors of the main hall, and was given a lovely welcome by all the volunteers from Abergele Fairtrade. Soon I was delving into my warm croissant with jam...followed by a gorgeous banana and chocolate muffin and a nice hot coffee...I was preparing for what I knew was going to be a busy day!

The hall soon started filling up with visitors who were just as hungry as me, for just £1.50 they could eat whatever they wanted from the menu ...decisions...decisions !

The Mayor of Abergele - Sam Rowlands - also attended the Fairtrade Breakfast and chatted away to everyone, meeting old acquaintances and making new friends. It was a really lovely community event.

Then ...... in walked a man dressed as a banana. Now, first of all I did suspect that something stronger than milk had been added to my coffee....but no, it definitely was a man dressed as a Fairtrade banana. He walked around the hall, and then had a photo taken with the Mayor and some of the attendees. I can't believe I didn't take a photo of him, otherwise that definitely would be up here on my blog....

Once the Breakfast had finished it was then a few hours of sorting different stuff ready for Monday's Anniversary Afternoon Tea event, checking technical equipment etc. Luckily, everything seemed ok.

Then, thank goodness... the rain had cleared by the early afternoon, and the SUN (yes, that yellow thing that sits in the sky, that we don't often see) was actually shining down on us. So.....myself and David, one of our lovely committee members, got on our wellies/work boots and set to work, planting daffodils, primroses and pansies in the front garden of the Centre. The soil was very very wet following all the rain we have had....but at least the plants didn't need extra water. Obviously the plants are all pretty small right now, but soon I am sure they will be filling the bed with vibrant colour. We like the Centre to look as welcoming as possible, and hope that the new flowers make everyone feel as if Spring really is here.

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