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A few minutes of your time could save a life!

Canolfan Dewi Sant Centre is proud to be the regular Blood Donation base for Pensarn, Abergele & surrounding areas. So far there have been three blood donation sessions here in 2018 and there are three more to come - on the 29th June, 21st September and 26th October.

Donating blood really can help to save a life - and right now the Welsh Blood Service need as many people as possible to book themselves in for the next donation session here on 29th June. To book your appointment, you can telephone them on

0800 25 22 66 or click on the following link:-

This year has seen a very positive increase in how many blood donations are made here at Canolfan Dewi Sant Centre. During the last session on 1st June 66 donors attended and 60 donations were made. An amazing 10 brand new donors attended the session.

Let's see if we can beat this total on the 29th June! Book yourself in now, help to save a life, and don't forget your cup of tea and biscuit at the end of it!!

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